Cross curricular art activities

Many cross curricular links can be explored through creativity and we can offer a range of arts activities to enrich all subject areas across the curriculum. Our workshops are an effective aid to learning and comprehension, engaging pupils in specific subject areas in new ways and highlighting the value of art as a tool to further understanding.

Our workshops could be used to explore subjects such as:

  • PSHE: focusing upon cooperation, teamwork, sharing through collaborative artwork
  • Mathematics: using shape, symmetry and tessellation
  • Science: exploring properties of materials, recycling and colour theory
  • Literacy: using descriptive language, communication and storytelling

Suitable for extra-curricular arts, collaborative group projects, targeted small group work, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5.

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SMSC values
SMSC values with year 6 pupils (Donnington Wood C of E Junior School)
Islamic tiles and mathematics
Islamic tiles and mathematics (Creative Path home schooled children)
Science: microbes and diseases
Science: microbes and diseases

'Many of the children believed they had poor art skills and this project showed them they could produce a fantastic art piece.'

Learning Mentor, Donnington Infants School

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