People with disabilities

We have extensive experience in delivering high quality inclusive and engaging arts activities and projects for adults and young people with physical and learning disabilities.

We ensure everyone is able to participate in a meaningful way, with participants taking the lead in designing and creating the work. Exploration of materials and development of art skills are encouraged through enjoyable processes, leading to the creation of outstanding artwork.

Suitable for schools, youth and adult community groups, events, playschemes, family learning, youth groups, care homes.

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Cultural Canvas
Cultural Canvas (Adult day centre, Telford)
Indoor mural
Indoor mural (Kreative Kidz disability arts group, Telford)
Olympic torches
Olympic torches (Kreative Kidz disability arts group, Telford)
Cupboard mural
Cupboard mural (Club 17, Dawley)
Scrapbooking (Kreative Kidz disability arts group, Telford)
Dawley Hoardings community mural
Dawley Hoardings community mural (Southall School, Telford)
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